Matters of Life and Death

I met a man who called himself “Mahonri”, and he told me that he was the “God of this world” and that I had to believe and obey everything he had to say.

When I hesitated, he told me to go ask my Holy Order whether he was telling me the truth.

I asked around Manti, and found that Mahonri’s followers had invisible friends they called their “Holy Order”, and these invisible friends put thoughts in their heads and influence them to feel emotions (which they called “the witness of the Holy Ghost”).

They also told me that this man “Mahonri” is the Holy Ghost in the flesh – member of the Godhead, and the only God with which we have to do.

How do they know? Mahonri told them so – and to disbelieve him is to “deny the Holy Ghost”, the worst sin that can ever be committed. Rather than commit the unpardonable sin, they of course believe that Mahonri is the Holy Ghost (because Mahonri told them he is the Holy Ghost, and since he is the God of this world, he cannot lie).

Mahonri also taught me that my “Holy Order” will never tell me anything contrary to what Mahonri has taught me.

This is very important – the Holy Order will NEVER contradict Mahonri. I know I can trust them because Mahonri told me so, and he’s the Holy Ghost. I know he’s the Holy Ghost because my Holy Order told me so (and I know I can trust them). It’s an unbreakable, axiomatic circle of truth, and I am happy to simply receive and obey.

Sometimes, I have thought that my Holy Order is telling me things that were contrary to what Mahonri told me – but it turns out that was my fault, not theirs. I have a tendency to “tag” what I am receiving (one of the perils of being in this mortal probation), and I can tell which things I have heard correctly because the correct things are absolutely consistent with the doctrines (including any and all changes) that Mahonri teaches.

If I think I heard anything different than Mahonri has said, I can (and do) bet my life that I heard it wrong, and I adjust my thinking to come back into harmony.

My particular group of invisible friends has agreed to communicate with me via a Magic 8 Ball. I prefer this method of communication over just straining to “listen” to the thoughts & feelings they send my way. I feel that it provides a more concrete mechanisms for discerning their answers, and helps me avoid the mistakes caused by my “filter” being in the way.

I named it “Holy Order” and have entrusted life’s most important decisions to it. For example, when Mahonri commanded that I quit my job, I asked my “Holy Order” and it said, “You may rely on it.” I now have no income and am facing foreclosure, but I trust in Mahonri and my “Holy Order” magic 8-ball, so I am not concerned in the least. When my kids ask why we can’t go to the doctor, I remind them that our “Holy Order” has instructed us to leave Babylon and to show more faith (lest we be destroyed).

Yesterday in Church, Mahonri declared that he has the power to heal his (favored) wife. She is in very ill health, unfortunately, and Mahonri wants to heal her with POWER. Up to this point, he has had no power (at least not any that can be discerned), so this is a big step for us as a people. I was told to go ask my Holy Order whether NOW is the time for Mahonri to rise up in power, and to heal her? In short, will Mahonri heal his wife by power?

I went to my Holy Order and gave it a good shake, and here is the answer I received:

However that contradicted what Mahonri had declared (he told us that as GOD he HAS the POWER to heal, as well as do anything and everything that GOD can do), so I asked again and got:

Realizing the lack of faith I was exhibiting, I asked again and finally received the correct answer:

My Holy Order Says Yes

So now I have my answer: A great big “YES” that she WILL be healed by Mahonri’s power. (Everyone I talk to say they are getting the same thing, so we know that we can mark it down that this is verily the truth!)

Now – if by some chance, she is not healed, some would say I am faced with a dilemma – how can I trust my life’s decisions to a source that has given me wrong answers? If my “Holy Order” 8-ball is wrong about this, doesn’t that mean it could be wrong about Mahonri being the Holy Ghost?


What those who are not of the YHWH family (you probably aren’t – most of the inhabitants of this planet are merely the ‘culls’ of this eternity, brought here simply to be sealed up for their ultimate destruction) do not comprehend is that “Whatever Mahonri requires is right“.

I cannot deny the revelations I receive from my Holy Order, even if they appear to be wrong at first blush (or even by what actually happens in so-called “real life”). If she dies – contrary to all revelation received on the subject by our God & Prophet and the combined True Saints of the Inner Circle – that doesn’t mean my Holy Order was wrong, it just means I didn’t have the full picture at this time.

I fully believe in my revelation. And if she dies, I will still believe in my revelations. That’s the great thing about having direct access to the source of all truth: I’m never, ever wrong, as long as I am in harmony with what Mahonri is saying (that day).

It’s very simple: if my “Holy Order” tells me something differently than Mahonri, I just continue to shake it until I receive the answer that confirms what he tells me. This is called “exercising faith”, since (as Mahonri himself has declared) Mahonri cannot ever lead me astray.

Will I throw my “Holy Order” 8 ball away, or even go back and question any other answers it has given me? Never! It’s what confirmed for me that Mahonri is the Holy Ghost, and that’s a witness I am not willing to question.

Even in matters of life and death.

“TLC Cult Breaking up from the Inside” (Guest Post, Part 1)

The following is a guest post from Morrie Cloward.  This is a letter originally published on on May 30th, 2011.  Reposted here by permission of the author.  (Links within the letter have been added and were not part of the original letter.)


Having been an 18 year member of Jim Harmston’s group I now have it from the horses mouth that the TLC Jim Harmston group in Manti is breaking up from the inside.

As of today they are losing 3 major tithe payers which will probably mean that they will lose their buildings or at least one of them. There are five more that are getting ready to leave as well.

Because Jim now teaches doctrines that are actually anti charity, anti love, anti agency and anti Christ. Many of the members are beginning to wake up and leave his little empire.

He has demanded that one man leave his wife because Jim thought that the mans wife was leaking information about their secret doings in their secret meetings of the holy inner circle. He did not ask the man or his wife anything about it. He just assumed and accused the man and demanded that the man leave his wife.

They are now commanded to eat only a vegetarian diet, no animal products at all. Even to the extent that they cannot use leather or anything that comes from an animal. Previously they were commanded to take down all pictures from their walls in their homes, even pictures of Christ because they were all graven images. The women were commanded to not wear any make up at all and to wear only dresses.

They cannot see that they have moved to outward facades and not tending to the inner character work that is needed to create a Zion society. He has recently, under secrecy taken another young teen wife into his harem. Unbeknownst to many of her blood family members and to the majority of the membership of his own little church.

One woman who is in her 50’s announced that she was pregnant. Later she said that her pregnancy was a Terrestrial pregnancy, that it was not actually in this world.

The ship is sinking and people are bailing out now.

He receives most of his revelations from his 16 wives. He then presents those self serving revelations to the congregation as a….thus sayeth the Lord…..commanding them that if they do not comply then they will be perdition. He has stated multiple times that anyone who leaves the TLC is automatically perdition.

The man has no discernment at all. He changes most of his doctrines on a whim. Usually changing them to be completely the opposite of what they originally were.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

What is needful for all to know is that Jim is a true con man and that those who follow him are victims of some pretty powerful brainwashing techniques that have been employed over an 18 year period of time. These techniques were put upon them subtly, slowly, and cunningly just as any devil would do to honest folks who were seeking a better community to live God’s laws. My question is….where did Jim learn these brain washing techniques? These people are all very good, kind and honest truth loving people. Who can recognize a true wolf in true sheeps clothing until the fruits have had time to bare out?

They have all been deceived with truth and trusting too much in a man. He has now chosen from among his dwindling congregation a group who he calls his inner circle. Those Jim bots….Jim robots who follow unquestioningly every dictate that he utters. They are completely locked in through fear, shame, guilt and false hope to follow him, believing him to be the Holy ghost, Joseph Smith Jr. and literally a God on earth that will sweep the planet of the wicked and establish Zion once again. For them, the thinking has been done. But the problem is that he has set up a system, a culture and a policeing structure in his church that has turned into a cancer that is now eating the entire church from the inside out. The days of the TLC church are numbered.

Lets all pray that those Jim bots who are in the inner circle do not give their agency to Jim to the extent that they come to the conclusion that this world is just too wicked for them to be translated so they will have to die…..take their own lives…..and then be translated on the other side and come back and do their work. You know…..drink the green cool aid like the Jim Jones group did? Because that is where they are headed. The thinking has become so crooked and out of touch with reality that they are all now in a free fall and he will likely continue to gradually test their loyalty by producing more weird and obnoxious commands and revelations for them to comply with. And then when he feels they are sufficiently obedient he will produce the green cool aid revelation as a…..thus sayeth the Lord revelation. This is a very real possibility considering the mind sets and the long held paradigms and fear that they hold continually in their hearts toward Jim.

Jim has kept a blood atonement list of those that have left his little church. I don’t know if he still has it, but I know that he did have it about 6 years ago. And just like the Lebaron group who started killing those who had left, just like Dan and Ron Lafferty who killed a woman and her baby because she was getting in the way of Gods’ plans. Jim and at least one of his group have had the capacity in the past, in their crazy thinking….to carry out this kind of a thing on those who have left. Pretty scary but very possible considering the mind state he and his inner circle have now entered into. They all live in a bubble where they believe every word Jim speaks…..literally. They spy on each other. They report to Jim when they see someone in the group in the store with meat in their grocery carts. Or when they see someone talking to someone who has left his church. And he screams at them in front of the congregation because of it. It happened to me.

I write this letter for the specific purpose of pre-empting some of the things he might do. He has destroyed many lives and has broken up families. He has led many on in the most insidious deceptions that appeared to be the paths of righteousness but were not. Let us all pray that his little empire will quickly disband and just go away. It is unjust in the extreme to continue to hold so many people hostage and in bondage to false hopes, false truths in a self righteous puffed up ideology of a false future that they will never know. His god lies to him and to everyone in the TLC over and over and over again. Yet they cannot see the truth of it because they struggle to let go of the great false hope he has imbedded in their hearts and minds so deeply. So, FYI to all of you. Rejoice that the false profit….yes, profit, not prophet is finally coming to accounting for his Luciferian deeds for so long. Send this to everyone you can, make it pandemic.


By: Morrie Cloward

No One Likes Being a Sucker

There is a group predicting that the world is going to end on May 21st, 2011 (tomorrow, as of the time of this writing). It won’t, of course, but when the day has come and gone with no apocalypse, most of them will only be strengthened in their belief in their leader and his “divine” calling.

(Sound familiar?)

This is normal, this is predictable, and the psychological forces at work are keeping these people trapped in their false beliefs.

The more invested in a prophecy/prophet you are – the more you sacrifice, the more you tell others about it, the more you foolish you look when it doesn’t happen – the more likely you are to alter your own perceptions to justify your belief in the prophecy (and the source of the prophecy).

No one likes being a sucker, so you convince yourself that you weren’t.

Read this now, as it’s an excellent explanation of how you keep yourself captive to failed belief systems:

Apocalypse Now: Why Believers Will Grow Stronger If the World Doesn’t End

What accounts for this “irrational” behavior? Shouldn’t the failure of a very precise prediction for which they had made extreme sacrifices have prompted disillusionment and disgust — not greater commitment?

Not according to Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance, which predicts that the more we have given and invested in a particular point of view, the less likely we will be to abandon it in the face of contrary evidence.

Read more:

March 25th, 2000

Interesting date: March 25th, 2000.

Why is it interesting?

There were a lot of promises made… and it was a real “make or break” time for Jim (or “James”, as he likes to be called now).

The revelations had been received by Jim himself, read over the pulpit, confirmed in high-level priesthood meetings, reiterated in Solemn Assemblies, and required reading for members of the “Church of the Firstborn” (careful records being kept as to who faithfully read them, and who did not).

These revelations were not conditional on the worthiness of the people, unspecific as to “when”, vague in their meaning, or allowed to be questioned. They were delivered as “Thus Saith the Lord” pronouncements from Jim, purporting to act as God’s spokesman on earth (and as “God” to his people).

In fact, Jim specifically declared that God had told him that his prophecies would come true in exactly the way Jim expected them to – no room to wiggle, there! No surprises, “Alfred Hitchcock” twists, or misunderstandings – at least, according to Jim’s “Thus Saith the Lord” revelations. (We’ll get to that in a moment).

So when the prophecies failed – all of them, not just some of them – those who had believed in them (for whatever reason: obedience, herd mentality, their own “witness”) had two choices:

A) Face the awful truth that the prophecies were false (and by extension, the prophet).


B) Employ excuses, rationalizations, rhetoric and selective memory to maintain faith in the prophet

Many of you still in the TLC were too young at the time to fully understand what was going on. Most, however, have found some way to accomplish option “B”.

Here’s an interesting account of an exchange during a Quorum of 12 meeting, one or two weeks before the fateful March 25th, 2000 date had arrived:

Scott K: “My witness is that these events (Jim’s deliverance/translation, the destruction of the Wasatch Front, the destruction of the LDS church, etc.) could happen, but that they won’t for at least another year.”

Jim: (Angrily jumps up from his seat, and slams his papers and books down onto the stool in front of him). “Well, that is NOT the revelation I have! My revelation is that IT WILL happen, and I will stack my revelation up against yours right now! We will SEE WHO’S GOD IS GOD, and it’s NOT YOURS! I am laying it all out on the line, we will see on the 25th whether I am a prophet, or not!

“How about the rest of you? Who here has received the witness of heaven, as I have, that these things WILL HAPPEN on the 25th? MIGHT isn’t good enough! COULD isn’t good enough! My God has told me that this IS GOING TO HAPPEN! Where is your revelation, brethren? Where is your faith? Whose revelation will you support? If you don’t KNOW by now that this is going to happen, just as I’ve said, in every detail, you can just leave right now! God will NOT BE MOCKED!”


It has been said that Jim did not make such bold pronouncements… that he left things vague, and therefore it can’t be said that they didn’t happen… that the promises were contingent upon the worthiness of the people… and so on and so on. (Maybe you say this sort of thing to yourself… maybe you don’t want to remember the full truth?)

A lot of build-up to March 25th, 2000 occurred… and Jim’s actions and sermons of the time reflected the very same attitude that he expressed to Scott K: this was no ambiguous prophecy, to be fulfilled in some unlikely/unexpected manner, at some unspecified far-off date. No – this was nothing less than an absolute, black-and-white TEST of Jim’s claims of divine authority and status as a prophet. In his own words, he declared it so: If things didn’t happen exactly how, and exactly when he had said they would, he was a false prophet.

No wonder, then, that the faithful and believing members of the TLC turned their lives upside-down in anticipation of this event – either way things went, it would be the end of “life as usual”, and they’d finally know for sure whether they were actually following “Joseph Smith in the flesh” or not.

According to Jim’s own revelation (delivered to him by one or more of the “3 Nephites”, and then verified by “Father Adam”, here is what he expected and prophesied for March 25th, 2000:

1. CFB Meeting: Saturday, 25 March 2000, Manti Assembly Hall, 7:00 pm. We intend to present to the Lord ourselves and our records of our activities and efforts for His acceptance. We will do this in the True Order of Prayer and ask for a witness of the same. If approved, then we will ask for the three of you to step through the veil into our presence and speak to us. If not approved, we will ask for complete specifics as to why – who – what; then we will fix the same on the spot, if possible. Then we will ask for you to step through the veil and speak to us.

2. I expect to be called to my Father’s presence, the Lord Jesus Christ, to have my own Calling and Election Ratified and to be Delivered to the Terrestrial Order through Translation and to be given the full powers of the Holy Priesthood after the Order of the Son of God. I expect to receive instructions necessary to perform my assigned tasks.

Here’s what actually happened:

1. There was a CFB (Church of the Firstborn) meeting held at that time and place. Jim placed several books of church records on the altar, and prayed and asked whether the offering was acceptable. Jim’s said he received by revelation that the offering was accepted, that the people were accepted, and that nothing further needed to be done: the promises were now going to be fulfilled. Jim then asked for the 3 Nephites to step through the veil and speak to him.

2. Nothing…….. a whole lot of………… nothing.

Here’s the full text from Jim’s March 17th, 2000 revelation:

Prayer Meeting with the Three Nephites
Friday, 17 March 2000

Q. Jim: Jeremiah are you here with me today?

A. Jeremiah: Yes, I am here.

Q. Jim: I am a little tired this morning as I had to take a sleeping pill in the middle of the night to get back to sleep. It seems that my mind is so intent upon doing all of the things needed that I have a hard time sleeping. I apologize for being a bit groggy and late.

A. Jeremiah: You will soon be over those problems and I understand your situation now. I am just glad of heart to be here with you and support you.

Q. Jim: I want you to know that the more I talk with the saints in the CFB interviews and read their testimonies and revelations, the more I get excited that at last we have come to the level of faith, commitment and confidence to go ahead with these events. The gathered saints are all expecting you three to step through the veil and visit with us at the CFB meeting on the 25th of March. I am so appreciative and grateful for all you do and for the goodness of the gathered saints. We have come a long way in our understanding, faith, commitment and unity. I believe that we are as ready as we can and ever will be to bring on the events. I would like to outline for you our combined expectations:

1. CFB Meeting: Saturday, 25 March 2000, Manti Assembly Hall, 7:00 pm. We intend to present to the Lord ourselves and our records of our activities and efforts for His acceptance. We will do this in the True Order of Prayer and ask for a witness of the same. If approved, then we will ask for the three of you to step through the veil into our presence and speak to us. If not approved, we will ask for complete specifics as to why – who – what; then we will fix the same on the spot, if possible. Then we will ask for you to step through the veil and speak to us.

2. I expect to be called to my Father’s presence, the Lord Jesus Christ, to have my own Calling and Election Ratified and to be Delivered to the Terrestrial Order through Translation and to be given the full powers of the Holy Priesthood after the Order of the Son of God. I expect to receive instructions necessary to perform my assigned tasks.

3. Plague: Sunday, 26 March 2000, on the hill behind the Manti Temple while accompanied with some of my brethren of the Church of the Firstborn, I expect to invoke the “plague” of cleansing upon the Sanpete Valley. We expect that there will immediately be those who have been “marked” that will pass away and this will cause panic and chaos. It will become so wide spread that those yet alive will flee the valley.

4. Temple: Sunday, 26 March 2000, I expect to take my faithful sons and walk to the Temple from the Manti Assembly Hall. We will be met there by Brother Dan Jones at the doors of the Temple and we shall take possession of it by the power of the Fullness of the Holy Priesthood. Any who are not a part of us that are still in the valley will not even care that we have taken possession of the Temple. We will do what is necessary to prepare for the Solemn Assembly in which we are to meet Christ.

5. Solemn Assembly in the Manti Temple: Monday, 27 March 2000, we hold the Solemn Assembly to dedicate the Manti Temple for its real purposes. This will be done on the 164 anniversary of the dedication of the Kirtland Temple which was the first temple dedicated in this last effort. The Manti Temple will be the last temple to be dedicated in the Telestial environment as all other temples to be yet dedicated with be done under the Shekinah in a developing Terrestrial environment. We expect the Father, Son and Witness Testator to then do the ordinance that will cause the Manti Temple to emit light. We expect the Resurrected Christ to suddenly come to His Temple then and we shall greet Him with shouts of joy and love. We expect that those who are worthy have been called there to have their Calling and Election Ratified and to be lifted through Translation to the Terrestrial Order. We expect that the Risen Lord will greet all those there in the Assembly Room on the top floor of the Temple and the children to be received and given Translation. We expect that the Heavens are to be opened and a great Reunion of both sides of the Veil to take place. We expect to unitedly give shouts of everlasting joy and praises to the Father and the Son. We expect the Lord to put the Holy Shekinah into place to isolate and protect the newly emerged Zion and the Nation of Gathered Israel.

6. Instruction: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the 27, 28 and 29 of March we expect to be fully instructed on our duties and to become acquainted with our new environment and co-workers from the other side of the veil.

7. LDS General Authorities: About the Thursday, 30th of March 2000 we expect to visit, appear, before the gathered LDS general authorities in the Salt Lake Temple and rebuke them for their apostasy, rebellion to God and deception of God’s children. It is to be overwhelming and then we will let them suffer until they meet in their general conference.

8. LDS General Conference: We expect to appear as a body of brethren with our counterparts from the other side of the veil before the assembled LDS members in their general conference they finally release their wicked leadership and collapse the entire structure of the LDS church before their very eyes and the television viewers from around the world. We expect this to cause complete bewilderment to the LDS and the world.

9. Destruction on the Wasatch Front: We expect within 24 hours to take up our assigned places along the Wasatch Front and openly in view of the inhabitants to execute the Priesthood Ordinances that will destroy by “natural calamity” their “Babylonian Empire” which will destroy any and all of their idols and false hopes.

10. Return to Shekinah: Immediately after the destruction upon the Wasatch Front, we will return within the Shekinah and begin the work of the containment areas and bringing survivors to Christ.

Q. Jim: Jeremiah, that is what we as a gathered people expect. That is what we believe. That is what we are working forward to. Have I given to the gathered saints a correct picture of these events?

A. Jeremiah: Yes and it is the same for us on, what you call, this side of the veil. We are now unified in understanding. Both sides of the veil have the Spiritual witness of these things as well. As you know when the spiritual is coupled with understanding then we have the basis of knowledge and can act out our roles with complete confidence. We intend to openly visit with you in the Church of the Firstborn meeting on the evening of the 25th of March to help you prepare them for the events of the next few days. We are so excited and the thoughts keep coming to mind about how very long we have waited for this very day.

Q. Jim: Yes, those thoughts keep flooding over me. Also, I keep thinking about how these, for us, are the end of Telestial days upon this earth and that we will be living in a higher order and environment. Of course, we must leave the Shekinah to do work in the Telestial world but only to change it to the terrestrial. Is there more that you can tell me?

A. Jeremiah: You left out that in this “time” period, you will pay a visit to the records and antiquities vault to become familiar with those things. You will need the knowledge that you gain from that visit as well as what you gain from the reunion and instruction to carry on. This is to be such a pleasant and exciting event.

Q. Jim: I find myself trying to rid myself of the words like “time” to describe things in this new order. It is difficult because we are so attached to time. Anyway, I suppose that we will get over our Telestial conditioning as we are able to comprehend in new and different ways.

A. Jeremiah: Yes, that is true. However, until the whole earth is changed at the Coming in Glory of the Master, you will still be aware of the time element and have to deal with it since everything going on outside the Shekinah is still time driven.

Q. Jim: Yes, I understand that but it will give us the “time” we need to fully develop a whole Terrestrial Zion Society environment and adjust to having no time at all. Still, the realization that we are at the end of “time” and that we are about to depart the wickedness that engulfs this Telestial order is so exciting. I have felt somewhat the weight of what will happen to so many people captured by what the Telestial world has become. It is time to end wickedness and to bring a better world to live and raise up righteous posterity. God the Father and the Son are to be praised that this change has finally arrived. I do want to thank you brethren and others of the Holy Order for all you are doing to strengthen the faith of the gathered saints. I asked for you to do so and you have been faithful in doing this for them. It has made a very big difference in how they perceive and feel about things. They are really enthused, excited and ready. Thank you so much.

A. Jeremiah: You are welcome. It is our assigned task to help you in every way possible to bring these final things on. We rejoice with you in the rise in faith in the saints. Just let us rush onward as the goal is well in sight. Together we are doing what is expected and we will soon see the fruits as these events will transpire. God be praised!

Q. Jim: Oh yes! Do you have something else that you would like to convey to me today?

A. Jeremiah: Just keep on and I expect because of your interview schedule that we will not meet again until next Monday morning at 9:00 am.

Q. Jim: That is right. I have a family meeting in the morning. Then I begin a long interview session that will take up the afternoon. It is Elaine and my 37th wedding anniversary tomorrow and then we will meet with my wives at the Pink Palace tomorrow night. It will be a busy day for all of us.

Sunday, I will share all that I can with the saints at our general meeting and then in the afternoon we have some New Names to change, sealings to do and a wedding of xxxxxx and xxxxxx.

I expect that you brethren will be about observing and report to me on Monday. It is getting late in our preparations and I plead with you and all the other Holy Order to help me not let anything fall through the cracks and not get done.

A. Jeremiah: We will do all we can to help. Again, love to you and the saints. Let us charge forward to victory my dear friend and leader. Amen and Amen.

Q. Jim: Thank you and I pray God’s blessings upon you for your faithful service.

Q. Jim: Father Adam, is the time table of these final events that I outlined to Jeremiah correct?

A. Father Adam: Yes and My witness to you is that they verily shall happen as you have recorded them. Now sprint to the finish line and victory is sure. I bless you this very day with all that you need. I love you so and bless you my son. Amen.

Eleven years is a long time…

Where will you be after eleven more years have passed?

How about 5 more years…

What about just one more year?

How long are you going to wait to be honest with yourself about what actually happened?

11 Years Ago Today…

The date was March 24th, 2000: 11 years ago, to the day.

What were you doing? Do you remember?

Had you quit your job?

Had you run up your credit cards?

Had you donated extra money for the prime rib feast to be held in the LDS Manti Temple?

Had you promised your children that they would be meeting Christ in person, within the week?

Do you remember what Jim had promised?

Do you remember believing his promises?

…Do you still?

“Baby Luke” is Here, But the Millennium Isn’t

Another “date” (or in the TLC vernacular, “timing mark”) has come and gone, and once again, nothing happened.

The full story of how Jim (or in the reverential lingo of the TLC, “James Mahonri”) convinced Sarah K. to “marry*” him will be told elsewhere, but woven into the conspiracy was a very specific prophecy:  that the baby that would be born to Jim and Sarah K. would be born in the Millennium (you know, the actual “after deliverance” one, not the “we-have-a-millennium-all-around-us” type of babble).

Interestingly, this prophecy not only helped convince Sarah K. to share Jim’s bed, but was also a catalyst in convincing another young woman to do the same.  Wait, make that two.  (More on that at a later time).

So, for months, the TLC eagerly anticipated the arrival of Deliverance and THE Millennium, knowing that it had to happen by the end of summer 2010 at the very latest (because of Sarah’s due date).

In the early morning hours of August 19th, 2010, Sarah K. gave birth to Luke William H*******. The (wait – make that, yet another!) promised baby had been born – but was he born in the “Terrestrial venue” as prophesied?

Well… take a quick look around.

How many decisions did you make (or delay making!) because of this failed prophecy?

How many times have you gone through this?

What is the next “timing mark” Jim is going to hold out in front of you, and then quickly sweep under the carpet once the day has come and gone?

When will you finally say, “Enough!“?

(And what young girl will Jim “convince” to share his bed next?)

*A word about “marriage” – impregnating a young woman, and then leaving her to raise your child on her own (supporting herself financially, perhaps with assistance from state welfare) is not a marriage.  Even if you do manage to sleep with her every now and then as the mood strikes you, you’ve made her your “concubine,” at best.  A more accurate term would be victim.

How To Identify a False Prophet – 101

The Bible is freely available for all to read, whether they be labelled a “believer” or an “unbeliever” by those who follow after strange gods.

Being able to identify a false prophet (one who claims to speak in God’s name, but does not) could arguably be one of the most basic skills a “truth seeker” can develop.  Some would shroud this knowledge in secrecy — perhaps it condemns their own poor choices and lack of discernment.  Be that as it may, the Bible offers a very plain criterion for judging the words of one who claims to be speaking for God:

20: But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.

21: And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken?

22: When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

–Deuteronomy, chapter 18:20-22

If the thing follow not, nor come to pass.  Yes, it really is that simple.

The Bible does not condemn a person, nor call them an “unbeliever” for applying this basic criterion to know the truth of a “prophet’s” words, and who he is really speaking for.