What is your doctrine?

What is the doctrine of the TLC?

Could you explain it if you had to?

The party line is, “This stuff is just too deep to comprehend unless you’ve been here for the last 15 years.”

The truth is, the doctrine changes so much, that even those of you who have been there for 15 years would be hard-pressed to explain it to one another.

What you do know is what the current rules & regulations are… (here’s a small sampling):

  • Don’t eat meat
  • Don’t wear makeup
  • Don’t dye your hair
  • Don’t wear clothes with “unnatural patterns”
  • NO sugar
  • No honey
  • No video games
  • Don’t push up your garment sleeves
  • Don’t pray for a witness before doing what you’re told (that’s a lack of faith)
  • Most of all, PAY YOUR MONEY (tithing, assessment, and then some)

Or… do you know what they all are?   Maybe you’d better ask around and find out what’s really going on this week, so you aren’t caught by surprise again!

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