Matters of Life and Death

I met a man who called himself “Mahonri”, and he told me that he was the “God of this world” and that I had to believe and obey everything he had to say.

When I hesitated, he told me to go ask my Holy Order whether he was telling me the truth.

I asked around Manti, and found that Mahonri’s followers had invisible friends they called their “Holy Order”, and these invisible friends put thoughts in their heads and influence them to feel emotions (which they called “the witness of the Holy Ghost”).

They also told me that this man “Mahonri” is the Holy Ghost in the flesh – member of the Godhead, and the only God with which we have to do.

How do they know? Mahonri told them so – and to disbelieve him is to “deny the Holy Ghost”, the worst sin that can ever be committed. Rather than commit the unpardonable sin, they of course believe that Mahonri is the Holy Ghost (because Mahonri told them he is the Holy Ghost, and since he is the God of this world, he cannot lie).

Mahonri also taught me that my “Holy Order” will never tell me anything contrary to what Mahonri has taught me.

This is very important – the Holy Order will NEVER contradict Mahonri. I know I can trust them because Mahonri told me so, and he’s the Holy Ghost. I know he’s the Holy Ghost because my Holy Order told me so (and I know I can trust them). It’s an unbreakable, axiomatic circle of truth, and I am happy to simply receive and obey.

Sometimes, I have thought that my Holy Order is telling me things that were contrary to what Mahonri told me – but it turns out that was my fault, not theirs. I have a tendency to “tag” what I am receiving (one of the perils of being in this mortal probation), and I can tell which things I have heard correctly because the correct things are absolutely consistent with the doctrines (including any and all changes) that Mahonri teaches.

If I think I heard anything different than Mahonri has said, I can (and do) bet my life that I heard it wrong, and I adjust my thinking to come back into harmony.

My particular group of invisible friends has agreed to communicate with me via a Magic 8 Ball. I prefer this method of communication over just straining to “listen” to the thoughts & feelings they send my way. I feel that it provides a more concrete mechanisms for discerning their answers, and helps me avoid the mistakes caused by my “filter” being in the way.

I named it “Holy Order” and have entrusted life’s most important decisions to it. For example, when Mahonri commanded that I quit my job, I asked my “Holy Order” and it said, “You may rely on it.” I now have no income and am facing foreclosure, but I trust in Mahonri and my “Holy Order” magic 8-ball, so I am not concerned in the least. When my kids ask why we can’t go to the doctor, I remind them that our “Holy Order” has instructed us to leave Babylon and to show more faith (lest we be destroyed).

Yesterday in Church, Mahonri declared that he has the power to heal his (favored) wife. She is in very ill health, unfortunately, and Mahonri wants to heal her with POWER. Up to this point, he has had no power (at least not any that can be discerned), so this is a big step for us as a people. I was told to go ask my Holy Order whether NOW is the time for Mahonri to rise up in power, and to heal her? In short, will Mahonri heal his wife by power?

I went to my Holy Order and gave it a good shake, and here is the answer I received:

However that contradicted what Mahonri had declared (he told us that as GOD he HAS the POWER to heal, as well as do anything and everything that GOD can do), so I asked again and got:

Realizing the lack of faith I was exhibiting, I asked again and finally received the correct answer:

My Holy Order Says Yes

So now I have my answer: A great big “YES” that she WILL be healed by Mahonri’s power. (Everyone I talk to say they are getting the same thing, so we know that we can mark it down that this is verily the truth!)

Now – if by some chance, she is not healed, some would say I am faced with a dilemma – how can I trust my life’s decisions to a source that has given me wrong answers? If my “Holy Order” 8-ball is wrong about this, doesn’t that mean it could be wrong about Mahonri being the Holy Ghost?


What those who are not of the YHWH family (you probably aren’t – most of the inhabitants of this planet are merely the ‘culls’ of this eternity, brought here simply to be sealed up for their ultimate destruction) do not comprehend is that “Whatever Mahonri requires is right“.

I cannot deny the revelations I receive from my Holy Order, even if they appear to be wrong at first blush (or even by what actually happens in so-called “real life”). If she dies – contrary to all revelation received on the subject by our God & Prophet and the combined True Saints of the Inner Circle – that doesn’t mean my Holy Order was wrong, it just means I didn’t have the full picture at this time.

I fully believe in my revelation. And if she dies, I will still believe in my revelations. That’s the great thing about having direct access to the source of all truth: I’m never, ever wrong, as long as I am in harmony with what Mahonri is saying (that day).

It’s very simple: if my “Holy Order” tells me something differently than Mahonri, I just continue to shake it until I receive the answer that confirms what he tells me. This is called “exercising faith”, since (as Mahonri himself has declared) Mahonri cannot ever lead me astray.

Will I throw my “Holy Order” 8 ball away, or even go back and question any other answers it has given me? Never! It’s what confirmed for me that Mahonri is the Holy Ghost, and that’s a witness I am not willing to question.

Even in matters of life and death.

4 thoughts on “Matters of Life and Death

  1. I might be wrong but maybe James doesn’t like Christmas because it’s a holiday celebrating Jesus the Christ. He could be jealous that his ‘big brother’ has a holiday and not him. He (james) is after all the ‘god’ of this world. As I recall last year celebrating Christmas was worshipping graven images and all were commanded to forget Christmas and even take down all pictures that even represented the image of Christ.

  2. I can’t believe that anyone, no matter how deceived, could possibly believe anything that James teaches….He is a bully, uses hynotism, and fear to control and keep his few followers… He has difinitely got serious mental health issues, and one may want to look into his past history of mental illness in Weber County….

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