“TLC Cult Breaking up from the Inside” (Guest Post, Part 1)

The following is a guest post from Morrie Cloward.  This is a letter originally published on GreaterThings.com on May 30th, 2011.  Reposted here by permission of the author.  (Links within the letter have been added and were not part of the original letter.)


Having been an 18 year member of Jim Harmston’s group I now have it from the horses mouth that the TLC Jim Harmston group in Manti is breaking up from the inside.

As of today they are losing 3 major tithe payers which will probably mean that they will lose their buildings or at least one of them. There are five more that are getting ready to leave as well.

Because Jim now teaches doctrines that are actually anti charity, anti love, anti agency and anti Christ. Many of the members are beginning to wake up and leave his little empire.

He has demanded that one man leave his wife because Jim thought that the mans wife was leaking information about their secret doings in their secret meetings of the holy inner circle. He did not ask the man or his wife anything about it. He just assumed and accused the man and demanded that the man leave his wife.

They are now commanded to eat only a vegetarian diet, no animal products at all. Even to the extent that they cannot use leather or anything that comes from an animal. Previously they were commanded to take down all pictures from their walls in their homes, even pictures of Christ because they were all graven images. The women were commanded to not wear any make up at all and to wear only dresses.

They cannot see that they have moved to outward facades and not tending to the inner character work that is needed to create a Zion society. He has recently, under secrecy taken another young teen wife into his harem. Unbeknownst to many of her blood family members and to the majority of the membership of his own little church.

One woman who is in her 50’s announced that she was pregnant. Later she said that her pregnancy was a Terrestrial pregnancy, that it was not actually in this world.

The ship is sinking and people are bailing out now.

He receives most of his revelations from his 16 wives. He then presents those self serving revelations to the congregation as a….thus sayeth the Lord…..commanding them that if they do not comply then they will be perdition. He has stated multiple times that anyone who leaves the TLC is automatically perdition.

The man has no discernment at all. He changes most of his doctrines on a whim. Usually changing them to be completely the opposite of what they originally were.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

What is needful for all to know is that Jim is a true con man and that those who follow him are victims of some pretty powerful brainwashing techniques that have been employed over an 18 year period of time. These techniques were put upon them subtly, slowly, and cunningly just as any devil would do to honest folks who were seeking a better community to live God’s laws. My question is….where did Jim learn these brain washing techniques? These people are all very good, kind and honest truth loving people. Who can recognize a true wolf in true sheeps clothing until the fruits have had time to bare out?

They have all been deceived with truth and trusting too much in a man. He has now chosen from among his dwindling congregation a group who he calls his inner circle. Those Jim bots….Jim robots who follow unquestioningly every dictate that he utters. They are completely locked in through fear, shame, guilt and false hope to follow him, believing him to be the Holy ghost, Joseph Smith Jr. and literally a God on earth that will sweep the planet of the wicked and establish Zion once again. For them, the thinking has been done. But the problem is that he has set up a system, a culture and a policeing structure in his church that has turned into a cancer that is now eating the entire church from the inside out. The days of the TLC church are numbered.

Lets all pray that those Jim bots who are in the inner circle do not give their agency to Jim to the extent that they come to the conclusion that this world is just too wicked for them to be translated so they will have to die…..take their own lives…..and then be translated on the other side and come back and do their work. You know…..drink the green cool aid like the Jim Jones group did? Because that is where they are headed. The thinking has become so crooked and out of touch with reality that they are all now in a free fall and he will likely continue to gradually test their loyalty by producing more weird and obnoxious commands and revelations for them to comply with. And then when he feels they are sufficiently obedient he will produce the green cool aid revelation as a…..thus sayeth the Lord revelation. This is a very real possibility considering the mind sets and the long held paradigms and fear that they hold continually in their hearts toward Jim.

Jim has kept a blood atonement list of those that have left his little church. I don’t know if he still has it, but I know that he did have it about 6 years ago. And just like the Lebaron group who started killing those who had left, just like Dan and Ron Lafferty who killed a woman and her baby because she was getting in the way of Gods’ plans. Jim and at least one of his group have had the capacity in the past, in their crazy thinking….to carry out this kind of a thing on those who have left. Pretty scary but very possible considering the mind state he and his inner circle have now entered into. They all live in a bubble where they believe every word Jim speaks…..literally. They spy on each other. They report to Jim when they see someone in the group in the store with meat in their grocery carts. Or when they see someone talking to someone who has left his church. And he screams at them in front of the congregation because of it. It happened to me.

I write this letter for the specific purpose of pre-empting some of the things he might do. He has destroyed many lives and has broken up families. He has led many on in the most insidious deceptions that appeared to be the paths of righteousness but were not. Let us all pray that his little empire will quickly disband and just go away. It is unjust in the extreme to continue to hold so many people hostage and in bondage to false hopes, false truths in a self righteous puffed up ideology of a false future that they will never know. His god lies to him and to everyone in the TLC over and over and over again. Yet they cannot see the truth of it because they struggle to let go of the great false hope he has imbedded in their hearts and minds so deeply. So, FYI to all of you. Rejoice that the false profit….yes, profit, not prophet is finally coming to accounting for his Luciferian deeds for so long. Send this to everyone you can, make it pandemic.


By: Morrie Cloward

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